Materials for Better Productivity in Pulp and Paper Mills: Metals and Polymers
Materials for Better Productivity in Pulp and Paper Mills: Metals and Polymers
Author- Dr. Mahendra Patel, Industrypaper (2015); ISBN No.978-81-923542-5-5
Foreword by Mr N. Gopalarantam, Chairman, Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd,India
Words of Congratualtions by: Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Rohatgi; Stae of Wisconsin and UWM Distinguished Professor and Director of UWM Centres of Composites and Advanced Materials manufacture, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, U.S.A.
The total annual corrosion costs for the pulp, paper and paperboard industry, determined as a fraction of the maintenance cost, is about 6 billion dollars per year. All pulp and paper mills are confronted with corrosion, incurring huge financial losses and productivity. This book provides solutions to the persistent problem of corrosion and help enhancing productivity and profitability of the pulp and paper mills.

Selecting machineries etc with appropriate materials is a baffling issue today because the number and quality of materials have increased enormously, for example, there are more than 3000 grades of steels produced today unlike earlier days. This increase has been due to incorporation of iron scraps, which have quite different compositions from one another. Moreover, lot of developments has taken place in technology and material quality by changing the compositions and microstructure.
This book presents the compositions and designations of most of these iron and steel grades, employed in construction of machineries etc in pulp and paper as well as in other industries. Similar is the case with the polymer products such as plastic pipes and other parts, rubber, Teflon and fabrics, used in the pulp and paper mills. Polymer, metal and ceramic composites exhibit exceptional qualities and are now used commonly in many parts of the pulp and paper manufacturing, which are discussed extensively in this book.

This book reviews the use of conventional materials such as cast iron, carbon and mild steels, alloy steels like 304,304L, 316, 316L, 309 and 310 etc, which are used still in large quantities by the mills and at the same time presents the new and innovative products such as duplex steel, super duplex steel, super steel, super alloys containing Ni, Cu,Co, Mo etc with examples of applications made in some of the mills. New FRP (Fibre reinforced plastic) and Teflon materials, developed recently can replace metals in many areas.

This book has been written to provide these multi-disciplinary science and technologies having commercial applications. No earlier book was devoted to such multidisciplinary fields. This book is going to serve for reference to the paper technologists as well as metallurgists in industries, teaching and research organisations. Machinery manufacturers,on reading this book, are certain to come out with better products by replacing the corrosion-prone materials with products without suffering from corrosion. The book is a must for the maintenance department and those interested for starting new pulp and paper industries.

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