Minerals in Paper Manufacturing
Minerals in Paper Manufacturing
Author- Dr. Mahendra Patel, Industrypaper Publication (32 chapters, 350 pages), ISBN No. 978-81-923542-1-7).
(A) This book starts with Chapters quite helpful to beginners/nontechnical officers from mills based on wood/recycled fibre/agro-residues on the basics of paper manufacturing technology/ processes:
  • History of Writing and Printing
  • Briefing on Modern Paper Manufacturing processes including Fibreline & Papermaking, (ECF/TCF)
  • Paper and Board Production-Indian and International
  • Economics (19 factors for profitability)
  • Basics of Paper Technology: Fibre length, Physical and chemical properties; Energy and water consumption figures per ton of paper.

(B) Stock Preparation and Coating

Wet end chemistry and Filler retention
Alkaline sizing
Mineral Beneficiation/Processing for Purification/Superior
products from different Companies in the world
Testing and Quality Control
Compatible chemicals/Co-binders/ Thickeners
Recycling and Mineral recovery

(C) Fillers and Pigments- Formulation and Enhancing Properties of loaded paper and packaging:

Kaolinite & other clays Talc, Calcium Carbonate– PCC & GCC, Titania,
Minor minerals: Aluminium hydroxide,
Plastic Pigment.

(D) High Performance Minerals

Specially prepared for meeting dual/multiple objectives:
Engineered Kaolinite clay, Delaminated and calcined clays, High performance Calcium carbonate and Talc. Production of superior quality papers and boards.

Who should read this book?

This book can serve as very useful book of reference for the:
Engineers and operators from mills and students/ scientists: This book contains definitions of technical terms and description on all the stages of paper manufacturing for different paper products with physical/chemical properties/testing procedures.

-Mineral producers/Suppliers: to have deep knowledge on the mineral processing/ beneficiation techniques. Know on Minerals from different countries and Companies.

Engineers/ R & D in Stock Preparation and Coating areas: Revelation of active R & D strategies to achieve filler/pigment-loading in paper up to 30-35%(50% in board). Cost of minerals (Fillers) being as low as one fourth of fibre, increasing mineral content in paper and board means reduced cost of manufacturing.
Troubleshooting and solutions on increasing addition of fillers and pigments are discussed.

-Recycled fibre based mills: Pulping as invariably most of the waste papers contain fillers and coating pigments.

-Waste paper dealers/Importers

-Agro-based paper mills.

-Board and Packaging

- College/ University/R & D and Quality Control laboratory: Paper technology; Mineralogy, Geology, Chemistry, Chemical engineering.

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