About Industrypaper

Industrypaper is ISBN-approved Publisher, starting its operation in 2007. Editing, printing, binding as well as distribution of books are all carried out by Industrypaper for its own publication.

It specialises in publishing Books & Technical Bulletins in Pulp, Paper, Packaging with multidisciplinary domains such as Nanotechnology, Nanocellulose, Materials, Minerals, Ceramics, Forest, Agro-residues, Recycled fibre and Bioeconomy. It also offers Research Guidance & Consultancy to the pulp and paper industry.

Its Head office is in Sambalpur (Odisha) but operated in New Delhi and even in London to a limited extent. Books are supplied all over the world through Post office/ Courier with payment by Paypal/ Bank transfer to Industrypaper at New Delhi or Sambalpur.

Contact: Industrypaper, Patel Avenue,
Subhashri Vihar, Ainthapali, Sambalpur-768004 (Odisha)
industrypaper@yahoo.co.uk, Tel: 9871787870
Contact in Delhi: C/O Indian Agro and Recycled Paper Mills Association, 404-Vikrant Tower,
Rajendra Place, New Delhi-110008

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Digital plant model in Germany: Industry 5.0
Amazon replaces 15 billion plastic air pillows with paper filler
Pilot plant for wood-derived ethanol/sugar
Södra to become the largest producer of kraft lignin in the world
Tuneable nano-sized anti-counterfeiting material
2023 was the hottest summer in 2,000 years
Planting trees in wrong places heats the planet
New electrochemical technology could de-acidify the oceans
Nanotechnology- To capture methane emissions, scientists create nanoshell catalysts
Nanotechnology-New method uses nanofibrils on magnetic microparticles to isolate HIV particles
New method to measure Entropy production on the Nanoscale
Mystery of Curling Paper Solved
Archroma launches superior barrier coating for oil and grease applications
New renewable barrier coatings for sustainable food packaging
Paper from straw and grains- Pilot plant at DS Smith
Metal Corrosion analysis by Scanning electrochemical cell impedance microscopy
New Electron Microscopy technique for Thermal diffusion measurement
New hydrogen producing method from water
New nano-microscope enables simultaneous measurement of nano-composite material properties
DS Smith’s Kemsley Paper Mill to boost its efficiency
Recycling plastic is difficult because of varying structures and chemical additives
World’s biggest single line pulp mill to UPM in Uruguay- 2.1 million tpy
Paper & Board consumption in Europe decreased 15.3% & production 12.8%
Textile fibre from wood
Novel method to photosynthesize hydrogen peroxide using water and air
First fibres from wood for insulation
Climate change is disrupting seasonal flow of rivers
Carbon Capture trial in International Paper, USA
GHG and Aerosols impact differently in rainfall
Carbon emissions from the destruction of Mangrove Forests to rise by 50,000%
Extraction of Raw materials could rise 60% by 2060
Increasing Resource use is the main driver of the triple crisis of Climate, Biodiversity and Pollution.
Naini Papers to acquire Coating kitchen for upcoming specialty papers
20 Paper mills closed in Gujarat
Shree Ajit Pulp and Paper to acquire new headbox and refiner fromValmet with Aqua layering technology
Opening of BTG Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad
Indian Paper industry has reduced water usage by 80%d
JK Paper acquires BTG Particle Charge Detector
4evergreen announces its first Circularity Success Stories
Metsä Group to construct first mill producing Muoto packaging
Diapers can be recycled 200 times faster with UV light
World’s first line recycling food packaging
EcoPulping process in China- Wheat straw to pulp
Metsä Fibre in Finland to close old pulp mill to convert it to bioproduct mill
Carbon dioxide pollution expected to rise about 1%, new record in 2023
DS Smith, the Packaging giant, launches R&D and innovation centre in UK
Pulping & wastewater pre-treatment system in Graphic Packaging International commissioned
New Filtration Tech for International Paper’s Pulp Mill in Canada
Metsä Tissue joins sustainable paper research network Modellfabrik Papier- 80% energy-saving by 20145
Russian pulp and paper industry facing acute crisis in product sales
Lyocell fibre made from Orange pulp and wood source- A new sustainable offering for the fashion industry
Mondi invests in recyclable paper-based food packaging replacing aluminium and plastic based materials.
Colour-neutral and odourless lignin separation method from wheat straw patented
Lignin Centre at Mercer Pulp mill in Germany
Rare bamboo flowering event
Paving way for production of Fuel and Chemicals from Agricultural residues
PUMPS: Vacuum system enabled Energy savings of 30-70% compared to traditional Vacuum systems
New Polymer Concentration Measurement System for Paper and Board Polymer Applications
Toscotec-supplied Steam Generation System reduces Boiler’s Gas consumption up to 25%
Forest biomass initiatives in Canada for Research, Innovation and Modernization initiatives
Yankee hoods upgrade
Forest role in Climate and Water cycle
Carbon dioxide can be potential Precursor for Chemicals and Carbon-free fuel